Full Body Massage

Massage is one of the most established and least difficult types of treatment and has been utilized for centeries to initiate advantages of wellbeing and prosperity.

A full body massage is a deep pressure massage. This assuages pressure and stretch from the body evolvingdeep relaxing in the tissues and muscles. Utilizing an arrangement of stroking, manipulating and playing the sensitive tissues of the body.

The spine, shoulders, neck, arms, legs and feet are all targeted in this deeply stimulating massage.

With a full body massage weprovide careful consideration to each and every |basic territory of the body, specializing in your spine, neck and shoulders, legs, arms and completing with a scalp rub. This therapy can be custom-made to individual needs, for instance on the off chance that you require additional time on your spine.

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Female to Male Body Massage

Avantika Body Spa Centre Bangalore is the best Spa uncommonly in the field of Female to Male Body Massage in Bangalore. We areorganized and giving successful ways of Relaxing the Body from Day to Day Stress. We having master hot Female expert giving best service like Body to Body Massage to our Customers.

Female to Male massage is a popular body massage in our parlor. There are an extensive number of clients haveregularly using the Female to Male body knead. We happily say we are the best back rub parlor in Bangalore. Here we have an extraordinary number of hot young females, female back massage advisor to massage your body. Men ought to take a massage, in light of diligent work and weight.

Oil Massage Bangalore

Massage oil is an oilwhich is reasonable for body massage. Basically, body massage needs to be feasible for different reasons which are of numerous sorts. Unique natural oils are appropriate for various types of body massage. Here weexplore the "body massage commendable" nature of transporter oils and even some crucial oils. Massage has massive restorative healing esteem.

To get the most effective benefits from a body massage, the most reasonable oil must to be decided for that reason. The most widely recognized oils utilized for body massage are olive oil and sweet almond oil. Be that as it may, there are numerous more choices.

Oil Massage Bangalore

Sandwich Massage Bangalore

A massage performed by two therapists back and forth giving our customers the overall satisfaction required. Sandwich Massage is highly recommended for customers who would want to have the ultimate relaxation.

Sandwich Massage Bangalore